How it Works

The Components

An exploded view of the components in a typical fence configuration.

Post cap – flat or pyramid
Patented tension clamp system
Post profile
Spacers (optional)

See the system in action


The Profiles

German Engineered

The Valu-Pro profiles form the base of every Moduvario structure. Profiles are compatible with each other and can be combined in the same structure.


Privacy & Decorative Screens
Fences & Railings
Shelters & Pergolas

Privacy & Decorative Screens
Fences & Railings
Shelters & Pergolas

Privacy & Decorative Screens
Fences & Railings

Privacy & Decorative Screens
Fences & Railings

Valu-Pro P90 Profile (90x90mm)

Maximum strength

The P90 profile is ideal for supporting large loads such as metal roofs and is suitable for any application due to its strength and stability. It features a central hole that accommodates electrical lines or tubing for water.

Valu-Pro P60 Profile (60x60mm)

Visually Discreet

The slimmer P60 profile is perfect when you want a more visually discreet profile. This profile is usually used for lightweight applications including fences, railing or small screens. You can also combine this profile with the P90 profile if you need stronger structures such as gates.

Valu-Pro P40 Profile (40x40mm)

Reduced to the essentials

The P40 profile retains the quality and functionality of its bigger brothers but in a more economical size. It is ideal for smaller fences and railings, up to 150cm (59 inches) tall.

Valu-Pro PA Profile

Versatile connector

The PA profile was developed as a connector. It gives you the flexibility to connect panels directly to a wall, or other surface.