The Moduvario
Modular Building System

Moduvario is a unique, modular building system for the landscaping and architectural market. Our system is extremely versatile, durable and stylish, with many advantages over conventional alternatives.

From carports to fences to pergolas, our system can be used to build entire outdoor living spaces.

Privacy & Decorative Screens

privacy screens (2)

Fences & Railings

privacy screens (1)

Shelters & Pergolas

Shelters (3)


carport 2

Why Moduvario?

  • Structural engineered system with clean, modern look.
  • Completely modular. Easy to add to or change your setup.
  • Easily create curved or stepped structures as well as structures on uneven terrain.
  • Won’t rust, rot, or warp and is resistant to insects, mold and mildew.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Accommodates panel materials with thicknesses from 3mm to 21mm.
  • Colour possibilities are endless.
  • Quick and easy to install using generic tools and just as easy to disassemble.
  • High quality, environmentally-friendly materials.
  • Made for the harsh Canadian climate.